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♥ Saturday, June 23, 2012
press on, 2012.

It's halfway through 2012, many events happened and passed. 2012 is filled with happiness and little tint of sadness here and there. it makes out a part of my memories that i'll probably never forget. Considered smooth sailing and passed all my modules so far. Almost had an heart attack during my exam period this year, phew.  yet again, new semester would be beginning again, gotta cherish this last stage of studies life before i'm "welcome" to the world. I'm left with 2 more sems and viola, I'm done with studying which comes with a new stage of life! wishing for 2012 to end peacefully, smoothly, of course no one wants to end their year with tears.

Arent sleeping well for the past two weeks and woke up in tears for a few nights, scary dreams that i don't wanna ever face. X Crossing my fingers X Thank you for being there with me b :)

It's also my 21st this year!
Preparing for the upcoming party and hopefully my guests would be the one enjoying too :) Planning isnt the most difficult part, i actually enjoy this process .OF COURSE, I'm in the midst of planning Redang trip in July with Delia, mic and Julian! yes and we'll make it this time round! :) so looking forward to it. 

I'll be back soon.
when I tell you that I like you, I meant it. 

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♥ Sunday, January 09, 2011
just another sunday.

Let's be happy because tough times never last!

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♥ Sunday, December 05, 2010
Let's sway in the night.

There's no one I could really pour out to. So I have to keep, keep and keep. Now, the word 'keep' doesn't look like an exact word.

My friends doesn't want me anymore! HAHAH

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♥ Saturday, December 04, 2010
It's free fall.

Term test is coming in 2 weeks time, I need lots and lots of chocolate now. Not keeping me awake, but keeping me happy. This whole week is horrendous, I'm suppose to be the luckiest star this week. Firstly, I found my 16GB thumb drive ( with my 3 years of sweat and blood) in the office. I wanna thank him/her for returning back to me. Secondly, I passed my TP :) Thanks mummy for sponsoring me! Thirdly, I scored for my PDM test and that's a happy one.

BUT, for the rest of the week, I've been sleeping in tears. it's getting better with you around.

Love is not being calculative, love is giving your all, giving your best out.

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♥ Sunday, October 31, 2010
It goes on and on.

It's Halloween and Happy Birthday to you!! :)

Handling school work steadily right now and I've been dreaming of my supervisor for 2 days straight. Dreamt of him forcing us to do lab work, phobia of him already. He's quite the eyecandy of many girls in our course. But once you work with him, you can't imagine him as that. Was quite fortunate for the combination of my PDM group and MP group. Conflicts seems to be happening everywhere now, except for my group! ^^ that's one great thing to be happy for. And hopefully, I'll be able to graduate happily.

Internet was down these few days and I was frigging miserable these few days. Can't do any work at all. One positive thing was, more focused on work instead of browsing sites!

Went Halloween themed Night Safari with delia, ben and zm.
Headed towards town after dinner at Jalan Kayu. It was quite an enjoyable one overall. Saw hyenas, malayan bears, cute elephant that looks like a automated machine that keeps shaking its head continuously. Active tigers and lions looks great. Lions are really Biiggggggg. But but but, Singapore zoo is way much more fun than night safari.

And you know what.
The ghosts there loves to scream! I hate that one staring at me for at least half a minute. =/ I felt so pressured by him that i blurted sorry to him. Natural instinct i guess. It's so funny to think that we're actually afraid of people dressing up as freaks. but it's just scary. It's the atmoshpere, makeup and acting that does it all. They're actually worn out on the inside. I like the one sticking it's tongue out, he's cute cause he acts like a human. It's fun overall! :))

you know Love.

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♥ Thursday, October 21, 2010
Smile, despite the hazy air.

I must blog more i must blog more!!

I needa get rid of frizzy hair asap!

I wanna get rid of my freckles!

I need to get more money!

I need a less naggy mum!

Put on a smile everyday, not smiling for 7 straight days makes one sick and weak.

It's the last semester in my poly life, graduating soon!

I have good food in my stomach every day!

I'm saving more money each day!

There's lesser zit this month!

There are more things to smile for, to count our blessings. Compared to the less fortunate ones, we still have our loved ones around us, supporting us when we're out of strength. Laughing out loud when friends say something stupid or really happy. we all have our happy moments, just that it passes on in life without us taking much notice in it.

That's why some fortunate ones are weaker than we thought to be. Sometimes, it's the less fortunate ones to remind us of what we have in life.

What doesn't kills us makes us stronger.

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♥ Wednesday, October 20, 2010

It's 20102010 today! Every year feels so different, likewise for this particular year. I feel myself grow, mentally. Someone told me that the world was predicted to end on 21122012, and if it is true, we should stop what we're doing now and do the things that we most wanted to do, whether spending quality time with your loved ones or traveling all around the world.

Life has to go on isn't it?

Money can't buy happiness, it buys pleasure.
But I'm really broke. I'm damn sure for now, money does bring me some happiness.
Drown me in Money Please.

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